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Flywheel CLI (beta) is a Command Line Interface for managing your data and site configuration within the Flywheel Biomedical Research Data Platform.

Installing locally

The stable version can be installed on Linux and OSX using a bootstrap script:

curl | bash

By default, fw-beta will be extracted under ~/.fw with all of its dependencies. The installation folder can be customized using the envvar FW_CLI_INSTALL_DIR.

Shell profiles are automatically updated to include fw-beta on the PATH for bash and zsh using ~/.bash_profile and ~/.zshenv respectively.

The tab-completion script - requires bash or zsh - can be generated as below:

fw-beta --completion >/etc/bash_completion.d/fw-beta

While stable is recommended since it always points to the most recent CLI tag, other versions are also available if needed:

  • latest - the bleeding-egde build from the tip of the main branch
  • <branch> - branch-specific builds for feature testing
  • <tag> - tag builds for explicitly using a specific version

Version skew

Establishing a version skew and making the CLI backward- and forward compatible for a limited number of Flywheel release versions is planned, but we aren't there yet.

While in beta, if you run into any issues please use the CLI version that was released in tandem with a specific Flywheel release as listed below:

Flywheel fw-beta
18.0 0.14
17.6 0.13
17.3 0.12
17.2 0.11
17.0 0.10
16.19 0.9

Running in Docker

Alternatively the CLI can be run within the flywheel/cli Docker image:

docker run --rm -itv$HOME:$HOME -w$HOME \
    -eFW_UID=$(id -u) -eFW_GID=$(id -g) \
    -hfw-beta flywheel/cli \
    fw-beta --help