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fw-classification is a generalized file classifier for medical images. At it's heart fw-classification is essentially an engine that takes in a JSON document and applies a set of declarative rules to modify that JSON.

Updates to be made to metadata (passed in as JSON) are captured in a YML file (referred as profile in the following) which defined the updates to be applied.

Each profile defines block which contain rule that match on certain criteria and perform various actions.

The rules themselves use a combination of logical operators matching specific keys on the input JSON and operators.


Existing DICOM classification in Flywheel relies on using hard-coded rules and heuristics principally using DICOM tags like SeriesDescription and ProtocolName to classify a DICOM. This has many drawbacks including the difficulty to change classification rules.

This library provides a generalized declarative metadata modification that can perform classification on multiple filetypes and both inside and outside flywheel


fw-classification requires python >= 3.8, and can be installed via pip pip install fw-classification, or your favorite dependency manager, such as poetry poetry add fw-classification.


There are a number of extras that can be optionally installed with pip install "fw-classification[<extra>]", or poetry add -E <extra> fw-classification. These extras extend the functionality of fw-classification and are mostly used by the Adapters Available extras are: