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Gear toolkit is a toolkit to make developing gears easier. Gear toolkit requires at least python-3.8, and can be install via pip with pip install flywheel-gear-toolkit or poetry with poetry add flywheel-gear-toolkit. For more details see the :ref:installation.


flywheel-gear-toolkit is a python package maintained by Flywheel It provides a set of modules for facilitating Flywheel gears development.


flywheel-gear-toolkit is developed under an MIT-based license


The package can be installed using pip or poetry using python 3.8 or later.

pip install flywheel-gear-toolkit
# or
poetry add flywheel-gear-toolkit

Optional Dependencies

This repository contains several optional dependencies that give access to more functionality.

These extras can be installed via pip or poetry extra syntax: pip install "flywheel-gear-toolkit[<extra>]" or poetry add flywheel-gear-toolkit -E <extra>

  • all: Special meta extra that installs all extras.
  • dicom: Provides the fw-file and nibabel packages.
  • fw-file: Provides the fw-file package for interacting with various file types and their metadata. fw-file
  • nipype: Provides the nipype and nibabel packages
  • numpy: Provides the numpy package. Must be installed for dumping numpy array to JSON.
  • sdk: Provides the flywheel-sdk and flywheel-bids packages, install this extra if you want gear-toolkit to install the SDK and bids utilities, otherwise you can install both packages as hard dependencies. Flywheel SDK

For development, please refer to the


Some modules in this package rely on the Flywheel SDK and require a Flywheel API key. You can find and generate your key from the Flywheel profile page. It will look like this: