Title: Update Acquisition container timestamp (shown in UI) from Dicom Tag SeriesTime in Dicom file

Date: 04-03-2020

This notebook can be used to update the Acquisition container timestamp (shown in UI) is not correct.

Install and import dependencies

Flywheel API Key and Client

Instantiate the Flywheel API client

Show Flywheel logging information



Before starting off, we want to check your permission on the Flywheel Instance in order to proceed in this notebook.

Tip: Group ID and Project Label can be found on top of the Project page on the Flywheel Instance as shown in the snippet below.

check_user_permission will return True if both the group and project meet the minimum requirement, else a compatible list will be printed.

Helper functions

Main script

Here, we will get the acquistion container timestamp (timestamp) and the series timestamp (series_time) generated from the DICOM file. The get_updated_timestamp function will be call and return with the updated_timestamp.

Display Updated Acquisition Info