Title: Flywheel - RC integration notebook
Date: 16-04-2020



Install and import dependencies

Flywheel API Key and Client

Get a API_KEY. More on this at in the Flywheel SDK doc here.

Instantiate the Flywheel API client

Show Flywheel logging information



Before starting off, we want to check your permission on the Flywheel Instance in order to proceed in this notebook.

Tip: Group ID and Project Label can be found on top of the Project page on the Flywheel Instance as shown in the snippet below.

check_user_permission will return True if both the group and project meet the minimum requirement, else a compatible list will be printed.

Get Information from RedCap

RedCap Project Information

All Events available in the Project

Arm Names and Number

Forms in the RedCap Project

List all the field name with their field label used in RedCap

List out Records that are completed for each participant

Export All of the Records from RedCap project

Get all the metadata

Get the event mapping for all the arms

Able to identify their form name and unique event name here

Get records for one specific events

Get the enrollment log/ subject information for all the arms

Get the participant ID/ Records ID (aka unique keys on RedCap) to compare on the FW instances

View all records from RedCap in table view

Integrate RedCap records into Flywheel Instance

Get Subject Container Info (ID and Label)

Compare subjects in RedCap and FW instance

Adding custom info label on Session existed on FW instance

WARNING: We assume that Session and Acquisition has already created on your Flywheel Project.

You can run the cells below to create new session with the subj_forms lookup table

The cell below will then create a new session on FW UI

Add data from RedCap into the FW Instance

This will only work if you have created corresponded sessions on the FW instance